It's a Valentines Decor Tutorial Tuesday Kind of Day

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know how much I love wine. I have been saving the corks from wine bottles for a couple of years and my enormous vase reached capacity, so I knew it was time to do a little craft with the corks. There are a ton of crafts on Pinterest using corks, and I quickly found my inspiration

Here's what I did:

I bought some wooden letters online, but you could just as easily use thick cardboard for this.
I actually ended up not liking the way the heart turned out -
but I started with the idea of putting the heart between the two letters
somewhere in our room.
I started simply by figuring out how many corks I'd need across for the base of the "T", and I hot glued them together. After each one, I'd just squeeze them for a couple of seconds - it held really quickly.
I lined them up on the wooden shape in rows without gluing them to the
letter or to other rows so that I knew how many I needed. 

Then I repeated the same thing for the top of the T,
still not gluing rows to each other or to the letter. 

Once I had the whole letter covered, I put a line of glue on one side of the row,
and then on the letter itself, and started gluing the rows in place. 
This part went really quickly, thankfully!
And that was it! I let it dry and before Valentine's Day, I'll hang the letter on the wall!

The B was a bit harder because of the round parts,
but I just glued individual pieces to ensure a nice round edge. 

And that's it! Shockingly I didn't even use all of my corks, so I'll have to keep saving up for another project in the future. I'm really happy with how these turned out and know they are the perfect Valentine's Day addition to our house!

Posted on February 12, 2013 .