It's A Help Me With Third Thursday Threads Theme Kind of Day

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday. I'm having another great morning thanks to the Sleep Cycle app. Seriously can't believe it knows so much about my sleep! Last night it rated my sleep as pretty bad - which it totally was (woke up when Travis got home from his late basketball game, woke up every time a cat wandered in or out of our room, woke up when Trav got up for his super-early shift; struggled to fall back asleep every time) - but I still woke up on my first alarm and was ready to get out of bed. Insanity.

Anyway, I kind of hate this outfit. In fact, before I left for work I turned one of my brown sweaters into a scarf (a trick I learned from Kate at The Perpetual Student's Wife) and wore that instead. Sadly I didn't get a photo of it that way. 

Now, on to the important stuff:
There's only one week (and a day) left until Third Thursday Threads and I'm having a really difficult time selecting the theme so I'm hoping to get some help from all of you! 
Please leave a comment with any suggestions for this month's theme. Even if you don't typically link up, or even have your own blog, I'd love to hear from you—which style are you in love with lately? Which style do you want to love, but need more inspiration? I hope to have enough good ideas to feel inspired so that I can post the theme on Friday and give us all plenty of time to come up with an outfit!

And yes, I'm wearing my olive pants again. I just love them!
Pissed off morning face much, Bri? 
And of course, linking up: Because Shanna Said So, Pleated Poppy