It's a New Years Weekend Wrap-Up Kind of Day

Since this week was all short and awkward, I'm doing my weekend wrap up from LAST WEEKEND today. Hope you don't mind it all being out of order :)

And for those of you who work full-time...are you dreading next week as much as I am? I haven't gone to the office for 5 days in a row for almost a month. Next week is going to be so long. Oh well - at least that means a full week of blog posts from all my faves!

Snuggling with my newest cousin, Max. 
The new watch my dad got me for Christmas. I'm in love. 
Salmon cake eggs benedict on Saturday morning. So good, if I do say so myself :) 

My cousin and Trav out to dinner at Serious Pie (one of my absolute favorite pizzas) 
Hawks game on the 30th. I somehow didn't take a single picture tailgating, but here we are in the same place we take our pic every week, snuggled up to stay warm!
My friend Nellie's mom was honored for her contribution to the education world. So jealous she got to be on the big screen during the game!
Goofing around early in the night on NYE, before Trav got food poisoning. 
Trav deathly ill, us sitting at home watching fireworks on tv like an old lame couple, the cat concerned we've become an old lame couple.
Overall a phenomenal weekend, although the food poisoning on New Years Eve was pretty awful for Trav. He was sick for a few days - thank goodness he's back to normal now! 

Now on to the weekend and then I'll be back for the first full work week of 2013...
Posted on January 4, 2013 .