It's a New Year Looking Back at the Worst Kind of Day

Yesterday I took some time to look back at a few of my favorite outfits of 2012. I loved reflecting on the fashion challenges I overcame successfully - like pattern mixing, wearing a dress as something else (shirt or skirt), and denim on denim. 

But not everything went as well. Most of my least favorite outfits are simply boring. They lack accessories, patterns, and fun colors. In some cases, they don't flatter my figure. And I like looking back on all of these just as much, as they provide inspiration to keep putting effort into getting dressed each day. 

The Baggy Combo: While I'm so glad I found this shirt in my closet, I hate the way the shirt & pants are both overly baggy together. When wearing this top lately, I pair it with leggings or tuck it into a skirt to give something more form-flattering. 
Lumpy Butt: This sweater all buttoned up used to be one of my favorites — over leggings. Over these slacks, it just gave me a lumpy butt that made me self-conscious all day. On top of that, the ruffled top made some other awkward bumps & lumps. Won't be doing that again. In addition, the colors here seem bland and uninspired to me. 

Use An Iron: A super wrinkled skirt like this just drives me crazy when I look back. Wrinkles from a day of wearing an item are 100% okay in my mind, but starting a day with wrinkles is just so awful. My sweater has wrinkled arms, the skirt is wrinkled, and my blouse isn't tucked in well. I have an iron - and I'll be using it more in 2013!
Blank and Bland: I'm on the fence about this outfit. I like the classic simplicity, but feel as though it is missing something. I should have done a patterned scarf, or a bit of wrist adornment, or some shoes that weren't just plain black boots. I'd like to see fewer of these uninspired fall-back outfits in my life in 2013. 

So overall, not too bad. Definitely want to continue to work on accessorizing and wearing clothes that fit well. And of course, the iron must come out if I'm starting the day with wrinkles!
Posted on January 3, 2013 .