It's a How Do I Not Own More Stripes Kind of Day

Man, did I have a hard time getting dressed this morning! I REALLY wanted to participate in Marion's Trend of the Month Challenge this month - and I thought it would be so easy - stripes! But I also wanted to wear these pants. And none of my striped tops were working (I only have a couple). I finally ended up with a simple striped tee, and I'm pretty underwhelmed. I guess that'll happen sometimes. Might need to add "stripes" to my shopping list for 2013, although I do have these pieces, which I even dared to pair with each other. That and polka dots. I guess just "patterns" would be helpful, too. 

Anyway, here it is: 

I'm glad I at least threw in some pattern mixing with my favorite floral scarf! And I promise I'm wearing shoes - they just aren't visible at this weird camera angle. 

Go check out all the other striped outfits - I'm sure they will be awesome!!

Posted on January 9, 2013 .