It's a Housewares Tutorial Tuesday Kind of Day

As I'm sure you know, I spend a decent amount of time on Pinterest. I make an effort not to do it at work anymore, though, which means my time on Pinterest has dropped significantly. However, when I saw how easy it is to customize mugs and plates with sharpies, I had to try it!

My parents gave me their dishes from their year in Singapore when I moved out, and while I love the simplicity of the plates and bowls, I hate using a plain mug for coffee or tea. It was time to make them a bit more personal.

So here's what I started with:

All the tutorials I saw said you could just use Sharpie, but I happened to have some porcelain pens on hand from a previous project (custom coasters back in the day) so I used a bit of both:

I don't think they sell these in a pack anymore,
but here are the singles on Amazon
I started by compiling the quotes I wanted to use. I knew I wanted to use the quote from Alice in Wonderland, and then I did a quick search in my saved quotes for others having to do with coffee or breakfast or morning. 

Here are some work-in-progress shots of my AWFUL handwriting and lame drawings:  

I was a bit disappointed about how hard it was to write on such a perfect & round surface - I usually have great handwriting but it was really tough on the mug surface!

After drying on the table for 24 hours, I sealed the mugs by following these steps:
1. Put the mugs in the oven (DO NOT PREHEAT).
2. Turn the oven on to 350 and "cook" the mugs for 30 minutes. 
3. Turn oven off but do not remove mugs from the oven - you want them to cool gradually so they don't crack. 

And here are the finished products:

They are now dishwasher safe and way more fun to drink out of! I may add more to them - they feel a little bit plain to me - any suggestions?? 

Posted on January 8, 2013 .