It's a 2013 Wish List Part One Kind of Day

I've started something lately on my phone that I thought I'd share with you here—a list of missing items in my closet. Things that I constantly think of and realize I need but don't have. Things I would wear all the time, or rarely, but that feel like staples I don't have. I've done a good job in the past of remembering these items and finding a way to get them (for example, an oversized sweater was crossed off the list when boyfriend moved in, because I gained access to an entire shelf of lovely man sweaters), but once I saw Franziska share her list, I figured the blog would be a great place to share mine as well. 

I'll admit - the one big problem with sharing this list - I'm afraid that when looking for examples I'll find an item and just go and buy it. But this list needs shopping-thought put into it. The items need to be just right, so that they will last and not be close-but-not-quite items that never get worn. So here goes the first 5 items:

1. White button-down blouse
Lusting after (J. Crew)
But first I'll try (Old Navy
2. Long raincoat
Lusting after (Nordstrom)

But first I'll try (Zappos)
3.  Non-skinny jeans
Lusting after (Nordstrom)
But first I'll try (LOFT)
4. Striped Skirt
Lusting after (Banana Republic)
But first I'll try (Forever21)

5. Non-black work dress
Lusting after (Ann Taylor)

But first I'll try (Macy's)

Posted on January 10, 2013 .