It's a Final Ash Photoshoot Kind of Day

This girl got on a plane to Thailand yesterday:

Sorry for the blurry photo, but since this was the only one taken of us during my final photoshoot with her (for now) I just had to post it. These pics are from Friday of last week, but I wanted to post an Ash photoshoot on my first day without her in tribute :)

Remember, you should check out the blog she is writing while on her trip. She's hilarious.

Anyway, this outfit is one of my favorite winter staples. I wore it for the first time last year in the RV headed up for a weekend of skiing and ever since it just reminds me of wintery perfection. Snow, hot cocoa, Christmas lights, and the like. 

Ignore the face, but I really wish it could be a reversible sweater!

Love the red zipper on my boots. 

I'm back at work today and feeling quite a bit better- thanks for all the "get well soon" comments the last couple of days! And remember, tomorrow is Third Thursday Threads: Winter White! Can't wait to see you all link up :)

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Posted on December 19, 2012 .