It's a Colored Tights Kind of Day

When I first got dressed yesterday I threw on some black tights and a black belt with this outfit. And then I decided to end this blog. Because if that is honestly the best I can come up with, what the heck am I doing here? As I stared in the mirror at the way-too-early time of 5:50am on a Monday after traveling and being out of the office for a week I just felt no inspiration. I wanted to pull on some Christmas-patterned pajama pants (anyone have good ideas of where to get a new pair this year?) and one of boyfriend's oversized sweaters and curl up for the day. 

Instead, I went for colored tights and an animal print belt. And while a really tiny change that honestly didn't improve the outfit that much, it helped. It put me in work mode. In blog mode. In holiday mode, even. Amazing what a big difference just one little step can make.

And to make it even better, today I'm wearing an outfit I really love. Can't wait to show you later this week. 

Posted on December 11, 2012 .