It's a Casual Holiday Friday Kind of Day

Apologies in advance for the photos I'm about to show you. I wanted to participate in Kate's holiday link up over on her blog, The Perpetual Student's Wife, and I wanted to show you my awesome holiday-inspired Friday-at-work outfit. But this morning I was tired. And running late. And on my own (aka using the tripod for only the second time) so I snapped just a couple of pictures and then a couple on my iPhone. Again, so sorry.

But here's what I'm wearing:

Sequins and my North Face vest with some black jeggings and camel boots. Can't beat a puffy vest AND sequins for a day to feel relaxed, cozy, and yet very festive. Now on to this holiday-event-filled weekend and then CHRISTMAS! I'm like a child about Christmas - I get so so so so so so so excited. Can't wait to share all of the festivities next week (I'll be back on Wednesday, if not before)!

And don't forget - it isn't too late to link up with yesterday's Third Thursday Threads: Winter White. Do it!!

Posted on December 21, 2012 .