It's a Bittersweet Casual Friday Kind of Day

Happy Friday!

I've had an absolutely insane week that has included a rollercoaster of emotions. This girl has not held herself together well this week. With crappy stuff at work and amazing stuff at home, my mood can't figure out where it is supposed to be. I guess I should just be thankful it isn't bad everywhere, and going home at the end of each day has been such a treat, especially after such bad days. 

Boyfriend doesn't ever really read the blog, so I'll hope this slides by unnoticed. You guys: this week alone Trav has cut down a Christmas tree for the house (this part was with me, but it was my first time and such an amazing experience), chopped wood for the fire from the tree we had cut down earlier in the year, put outside lights on the house, and detailed my car, all before I even get home from work each day. And this is on top of his regular job. He's been my complete hero and mood-lifter all week. I am the luckiest. 

Maybe it is because of those things that I chose to wear his sweater to work. I love how soft it is, how it is just a teeny bit too big for me, and how all day it helped brighten my mood at work. Do you ever wear items from your significant other's closet?

Admiring my new boots: Etienne Aigner Colton Riding Boots
Just playing in some racks at work. We're super nerdy like that.  

Trav's Sweater (J. Crew)

In other news, today is Ashley's last day in the office before her amazing trip to Asia. Follow her adventures on her blog. I'm pretty mad at her for leaving me all alone here at work, but I know this will be the trip of a lifetime and I hope she'll come back soon. 

What are your weekend plans?

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Posted on December 14, 2012 .