It's a Bathroom Shoot Because Ash is Outta Town Kind of Day

Since I've now officially broken the news about Ash's upcoming departure, here's what I hope won't happen—bathroom photo shoots. With toilets in the photos. Ugh.

These pictures are from a couple of weeks ago when Ash went out of town for Thanksgiving. I was left to take pics in the bathroom mirror at work due to horrible weather and poor planning - and to show you how bad the planning was, I didn't even shut the stall doors! 

Tripod+remote are looking like necessary investments at this point.

Anyway, here I am trying to wear my trusty sweaterdress in a new way—with a blazer! I love the way it turned out and it was nice to have a break from a belt and uncovered sleeves. I should have thrown on some arm candy, now that I'm looking at these photos!

I love patterned tights SO much!

Thanks for all the love yesterday on my 200th post where I showed you what a mess I looked like after getting LASIK. The eyes are doing great (and handled the dry airplane air just fine, whew!) and are allowing me to be glasses-free at a tradeshow, which is really refreshing. I'm so glad to have you guys around, and would love to get more feedback on the direction of the blog. What have you liked? Disliked? What should I do more of? Less of? Speak up :)

Posted on December 4, 2012 .