It's a Plain White Tee Kind of Day

This week has been a rough one. We've had new hires in the office and a lot of training to do for them, so everyone has been a bit stressed, and we have a board meeting today that has only added to that. I've been tired, more than usual, and I've been over-committing to things and then bailing at the last minute, which I hate doing, simply because I know my body needs to rest. Maybe I'm fighting the start of some winter sickness? Or maybe this is just my body adapting to the colder weather and the time change? Who knows. Either way, it has been busy, and challenging, and I'm so thankful that it is Friday.

I have an insanely busy weekend planned, and I couldn't be happier about it. Tonight we are having Trav's cousin & his wife over for dinner, and I'm thinking of making Lamb Chops with Pomegranate and Pistachio Cous Cous. Then tomorrow morning I'm taking my bestie S out for breakfast and a pedicure for her birthday before Trav and I head to the Husky game with my parents. And Sunday we have tickets to the Seahawks game, so I'll be down at the stadium for an entire weekend of football (seriously one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend)!

Today definitely deserved a Casual Friday outfit that felt comfortable and simple and cozy. A plain white tee, scarf, and sweater on top, and jeans and flats on bottom. Boot season is definitely here—flats make my ankles SO cold in the winter!

Photos like this make me really ready for a real camera instead of iPhone pics!

Trying to be goofy to get my morning started right :)

Now time to get finished with work for the week so I can enjoy my weekend.
What do you have planned?

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Posted on November 9, 2012 .