It's a Halloween Outfit for Work Kind of Day

Our CEO loves Halloween. So every year, we go all out at the office. I decorate the hallways and office spaces, we invite all the employees kids to come trick-or-treat at the office, and we all dress up. As I'm sure most of you know, it's hard to find a good work-appropriate outfit at the costume store, so I typically either make one using items already in my closet, or I dig through my mom's Halloween bins (yes, with an 's' - she has 6 of the largest Rubbermaid bins FULL with costumes). 

This year, I pulled out the Red Riding Hood outfit, threw on some boots, and grabbed a basket from my kitchen to fill with candy. Pretty easy outfit, and I was comfortable all day at the office. Even better — all the kids loved it!

Here is most of our HQ team - a lot of our employees work out in the field and therefore don't spend much time at corporate.

Ash & I (Minnie Mouse & Red Riding Hood)

Blurry bathroom mirror shot I took in case I didn't get another good shot :) 
In previous years I've worn my old drill team outfit (looks like a cheerleader) and a zebra using this striped dress. 

Last year's giraffe, white swan, and zebra costumes at work.
That's my office in the background. 

I'm hoping to see some other work-appropriate costumes out in the blog world - drop me a comment if you have one on your blog!!

Posted on November 1, 2012 .