It's a Why Am I Still Wearing These Pants Kind of Day

Update: It would totally help to post the version with words, don't ya think? Sorry for anyone who stopped by earlier this morning and only saw pictures! I was at Justin Bieber last night and thought I saved the version with writing before I left...but apparently not. And now I have no idea what it said so I'll tell you all about last night.

My cousins invited my sister and I to go to the concert with their kids while they are touring around Europe, and we definitely accepted. We had the best night ever - a limo ride down to the venue, amazing floor seats right up in the action, and a really fun concert with a bazillion screaming 13-year-old girls. 

Anyway, I'm sure this post said something about these pants that constantly stretch out, yet I somehow can't stop wearing because I love the color. Annoying, eh?

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Pants: Don't buy them (Nordstrom), Sweater: Forever21 (old),
Tank: BP, Shoes: Seychelles (really old)

Simple french braids to dress up my pony!

Are you a Belieber? Who were your teen crushes when you were a young girl? I personally crushed on athletes more than musicians, if I remember correctly.

And since it is Wednesday: 

 pleated poppy
Posted on October 10, 2012 .