It's a Week of Tradeshow Outfits Kind of Day

Happy Friday! I'm currently resting at home for 12 whole hours between trips: got home at 1am from Orlando, departing at 1pm for Denver. Don't worry guys; the next trip I take is in 3 weeks and is to MEXICO for an actual vacation! I cannot wait!

Anyway, since I've been at the tradeshow all week, I've been wearing variations of the same outfit: work polo, something to cover my bottom half, flats. Here's what that's looked like:

Day 1: Ankle slacks, tank, polo, cardigan

Day 2: Lace skirt, polo, nerdy name badge

Day 3: Cropped slacks, tank, polo

Day 4: Ankle slacks, tank, polo, cardigan

Pretty boring, eh?? I used to be a bit more creative with these outfits, but after learning exactly what it feels like to be on my feet all day, I've had to modify what I wear a bit. I still will pull out some short heels or wedges sometimes, but typically only on 2-day shows, not on 4-day shows. I always try to mix it up with a skirt, a different color of pants, or some fun cardigans and blazers. I'm bummed I didn't get a picture day 3 with my blazer - it added a lot to the outfit!

For those of you who have some kind of uniform for your jobs - how do you make it your own? Any suggestions for me?

Posted on October 26, 2012 .