It's a Super Quick and Easy Hair Elastic Tutorial Tuesday Kind of Day

Hey guys! It's time for another Tutorial Tuesday, and this time I'm showing you something that saves you a TON of money.

Know these hair ties? The ones I wear on my wrist or in my hair every single day? Well, I typically buy them in a pack of 5 from Anthropologie for $12. 

And the other day, when looking for cheaper alternatives, I came across an Etsy shop that was selling the elastic material to make your own. I quickly purchased the best 10 colors I could find in this pack—for $5.00!

As soon as they came, I was elated. And then I got started instantly. And it was so easy. I should have timed myself, but I'm pretty sure I was done in 45 minutes or so. Here's how I did it (sorry in advance for poor picture quality - as soon as I got started I realized I should document it and I didn't want to move to better light):

1. Admire color choices for a while. 

2. Cut each yard into 5 pieces. I tried 4 and 6 and found that 5 even segments gave the best hair tie size. If you have thinner hair, you could probably get away with 6, but I wouldn't do 4, even with thick hair. 

I didn't measure how long each section was, but here it is in comparison to my MacBook Pro for scale.
3. Fold each piece in half with the shiny side facing out. 

4. Tie it in a knot, pushing the loose ends through a loop created with a knot of the folded ends. 

5. Pull the knot tight towards the loose ends. You want to make the ends no more than a finger-width long so that they don't stick out a ridiculous amount when you wear these in your hair. 

6. Using a lighter, burn the ends so that they don't fray. 
You can see I've done the right but not the left yet, in this photo. 
7. Repeat over and over and over again. Admire hard work as you stretch out your finger cramps from holding the lighter for so long. 

8. Give some away to friends because no one needs this many hair elastics, and then consider which colors and patterns you'll purchase next! Stocking stuffers at Christmas, anyone?!

So that's it, guys. Really easy, and much cheaper than anywhere else. After experimenting with size lengths, I ended up with 50 hair elastics for less than $10 (including shipping and the lighter).

PS. If you didn't see my announcement yesterday, go check it out
Posted on October 9, 2012 .