It's a Really Comfortable Work Clothes Because I'm Tired Kind of Day

Boy am I glad it is Thursday! If I can just make it through today, tomorrow will be Friday, and then I get two days of downtime before I fly to London. I really need some sleeping-in downtime! 

Anyway, enough about my long week. Fall is finally here and so these outfits are going to be farther and farther between now as I have to start bundling up. But for now, I'm still loving the in-between phase where I can wear normal clothes and just pile a scarf on top to stay warm. 

Speaking of scarves, I'll have a scarf-tying tutorial in just a few days and I cannot wait to show you some of my favorite ways to get different looks! And just in time for the colder seasons. Any requests from past outfits?? Come back early next week for a Tutorial Tuesday all about scarves!

Sweater: LOFT, Tank: BP, Scarf: BP,
Pants: Hand-me-down from mama (LOFT), Flats: Steve Madden

Remember this top from last time? I haven't worn it much lately outside of the house - but I've been loving it as loungewear! Now that layering season is back, I cannot wait to bring it back more.

PS. In case you haven't marked your calendar yet - one week from today is the first Third Thursday Threads and we will be linking up to show our best boot styles. Hope to see you back here then!

Posted on October 11, 2012 .