It's a Pattern Mixing to the Max Kind of Day

Last week while looking at blogs I was super behind on, I came across this outfit over at Marionberry Style. Marionberry Style, for the record, is one of my favorite blogs because her outfits are usually work-wear, and her writing is absolutely hilarious. And because my outfit inspiration is all her, and these are my favorite boots, I'm linking up with her Boots & Booties Trend of the Month Link-Up. Funny how we both picked boots this month! 

Anyway, I had no urge at the time of replicating the outfit. And as I dressed myself, I had no thoughts of replicating the outfit. But this dress has short sleeves, and when it came time to grab a cardigan to stay warm, I realized the stripes I had were the same exact I threw it on and tried it, and absolutely loved it. Then, to really shake things up, I threw on yet another pattern - this scarf. I know, I'm quite the daredevil. 

Too many stripes and too much pattern mixing? Maybe. But I love it anyway! 

Dress: H&M, Cardigan: H&M, Boots: Anne Klein, Scarf: BP
Just a bit of wind in my hair & scarf! 

Also, wanted to wish a very happy birthday to my oldest friend, Rach. She's in Hoboken, NJ right now, powerless, wet, and trying to stay safe in the middle of Sandy's terror. Rach, love you to death and happy happy birthday!!
Posted on October 30, 2012 .