It's a Never-Worn Anniversary Sale Shirt Kind of Day

This shirt was an Anniversary Sale purchase (see what else I bought here). And I am just now wearing it. And all day, all I could think was, "Why did I not pull this shirt out sooner?!" But for whatever reason, it just hung in my closet for months, not being worn. Luckily, now I know how comfortable and soft it is, and how much it goes with. I cannot wait to wear it with a skirt, or over some leggings with a huge winter sweater piled on top. So many ideas. How would you wear it?

I'm still in Orlando - one more day and then I fly home for 12 hours before turning around and heading to Denver to meet my cousin's adorable baby boy for the first time. I hope she's okay with the fact that I will hog him all weekend, getting my baby fix! Be prepared for LOTS of instagram uploads while I'm there! If you don't follow me yet, find me @bmarie35

Shirt: Nordstrom, Jeans: LOFT, Boots: Anne Klein

What I look like in my office. Or something like that. 

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for a special guest post!!
Posted on October 24, 2012 .