It's a Casual Friday and TOMS at Work Kind of Day

How do you guys feel about TOMS at work? I've never done it before, and I'm honestly not sold. But I will say...after a week in heels and structured flats, it sure is nice to give your feet a break! I guess that's what the weekend is for, though. 

Anyway, today my outfit was designed around my TOMS. I wanted to wear them and see how I felt about it at work, so I went in and tried to find equally comfortable clothes so the rest of my body wouldn't be too jealous of my feet. It worked. And the lipstick+blush helped me feel like I was at least work-appropriate on my face. 

While I probably won't wear this ensemble to work again, I am thinking it is a great weekend errands outfit!

Jacket: Forever21, Tee: Target (similar), Scarf: Forever21,
Jeans: LOFT, Shoes: TOMS

How casual is TOO casual at work?? Would you wear TOMS to work with jeans?

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Posted on October 5, 2012 .