It's a First Video Tutorial Tuesday All About My Sockless Bun Kind of Day

Oh dear I'm nervous about posting this. But you have asked for it, and I have promised it, and you'll be nice and pretend to like it even if you don't. Right? RIGHT? :)

You have seen my sockless bun many a time on this blog. Here and here (and in a lot of weekend wrap-ups). I have a couple different versions, but today I thought I'd show you just two. The sockless twisted bun and the sockless braided bun. 

So without further ado (or procrastination...) here we go:

The Sockless Braided Bun:

The Sockless Twisted Bun:

So much awkward, but if your first vlog is really, really, REALLY bad, you have more room to grow with the next one, right?! This is just iPhone video (thanks to the roomie for taking it for me), but I think next time I'll use my real camera so the quality is better!

Any other tutorials you're dying to see? 
I'm going to try to do Tutorial Tuesday at least twice a month!
Posted on September 18, 2012 .