It's a Colonel Mustard goes Horseback Riding Kind of Day

 Today I'm participating in Catherine's Color Challenge over at Small Town Big Wardrobe, and the challenge was Mustard. I am alllllllll over that. My problem this morning wasn't finding an outfit, but was instead picking which of my many mustard pieces to wear. Since I recently wore the cardigan and shoes and patterned dress, and before that the tank, I went with the gingham today!

I decided to pair the top with brown pants, as I'd only ever worn it with blue or grey jeans before, and these pants have never before been worn by me (thanks Mom!). I love the way it turned out, especially when I swapped a matching belt for the contrasting pink one (inspired by my bracelet). 

I can't wait to see the other color combinations people came up with!!
Shirt: Old Navy (similar), Pants: LOFT (hand-me-down from mama),
Belt: Target, Shoes: Steve Madden

Pink belt inspired by pink+yellow bracelet.

And because I love to show you awkward pics, here's me with the sign outside the parking garage elevators.
Riding pants, a french braid, and taking pictures on the "E for Equestrian" level of the parking garage.
Did I take the horseback riding theme too far today?
Hey, at least I'm not wearing riding boots, too!

Now, go check out the other mustard outfits: 
Small Town, Big Wardrobe

What's your favorite color to wear? Which one is the biggest challenge?
Posted on September 20, 2012 .