It's a Black and White and Blank All Over Kind of Day

Whenever I wear this shirt, I try to think of one of those "what's black and white and ____ all over?" jokes that will work for the blog. And I never come up with anything, so I'm just gonna throw it out to you guys. Got any good ones for me??

I'm still in love with this shirt from J. Crew Factory Store in Vegas. I've worn it differently almost every time I've worn it, which I love. Shirts with versatility like that will definitely stick around in my closet for a long time. Now if only I could figure out how to clone the shirt and dye it different colors...

Shirt: J Crew Factory (similar), Cardigan: Old Navy (similar),
Necklaces: Nordstrom Rack, Slacks: Nordstrom, Flats: Michael Kors (similar)

Typically I have 1-2 weird shots from when Ash and I take pictures.
Today? I couldn't stop goofing off. It was a problem!

Posted on September 6, 2012 .