It's an Animal Print for Days Kind of Day

I love animal print. I love my leopard flats. I love my J. Crew Factory cheetah sweater. I love my new LOFT cardigan. I love my snakeskin sandals.

And I love this shirt, which I know is animal print, even though I have no idea exactly which animal it is. Some awesome hybrid, I'm pretty sure. Or maybe I just don't know my animal prints well and you will all tell me it is something really obvious. Any ideas??

I'm surprised I haven't paired these items together yet, given how much I love this skirt. So thankful for Marionberry Style's Trend of the Month so that I finally could!

I do this pose every time I wear this skirt.
Skirt: H&M, Blouse: Hand-me-down from mama, Pumps: Bandolino

And since it is Wednesday, I'm linking up all over the place!

pleated poppy

Posted on September 26, 2012 .