It's a (P)inspired Outfit Kind of Day

Some mornings I wake up and stare at my closet and nothing jumps out at me. Well, nothing ever actually jumps out at me. That'd be freaky. But you have those days, right, where you look at your clothes and you're pretty sure you've worn every single combination there is a million times and nothing will look right or even remotely good and you just stare at your closet underwhelmed and annoyed? 

Enter pinterest. (Thank goodness.)
I've always had a Dream Closet board, where I could pin items I'm wishing for, dream outfits for that day when I'm 5'11", have twiggy legs, and live in perfect 75 degree weather year round. But since that day hasn't come for me yet, I started a Blog Inspiration board, where I could pin outfits that I could actually copycat. Outfits that are made up of pieces similar to pieces I own. Nail polish ideas that don't require 10 hours of work. Bloggers who have similar style, or lifestyle (a.k.a. a job) and wear outfits I could actually pull off.

So now on those days when my closet isn't speaking to me, I take a few quick seconds to hop on pinterest. And today, thanks to this pin, from this blog post at Greater than Rubies, I was able to get dressed. 

Chambray: UO, Skirt: Hand-me-down from mama,
Belt: unknown, old, Shoes: Banana Republic, Necklace: Hand-me-down from mama

Ash and I had matching shoes on!

And because it is Wednesday, I'm linking up!

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Posted on September 19, 2012 .