It's a Wordless Weekend Wrap-Up With Some Words So I Guess It Isn't Wordless After All Kind of Day

Before I go into today's post, I just have to tell you how lucky I am. Friends, my shopping ban is still in effect but I am now the proud owner of the sunnies I posted yesterday! Thanks, TEC!!

I wanted to share just a few more pics from Watershed. I'm headed back over the mountains on Saturday โ€” can't wait to have some more heat (but this time with a lake and shade and air conditioning)!

The fab 5 of the weekend!

The Columbia River Gorge. One of the most beautiful concert venues around. 

We ran into some of our high school friends (and no, I'm definitely not double-fisting...)

Dierks Bentley is SUCH A LOOKER!

Pulled my boots out for a very hot night #2.

Miss Sara Evans from behind the fence.
The gang. Luke is taking the picture, and Nellie is too busy pouring his beer into hers to smile. CAUGHT!

She's one of my faves! Miranda Lambert!

I'll have another outfit post tomorrow before I head out for the weekend. Oh, and next week, you'll get to see pictures of me in the dress I posted a couple of weeks ago. So excited to watch L&B get married tomorrow night!!

Posted on August 9, 2012 .