It's a Month Without Shopping Week One Update Kind of Day

Just wanted to drop in for a quick little update on my shopping ban for the month of August. If you didn't see my original post, check it out here.

I've successfully made it through the past week without shopping. Hooray!! One down, three to go!

I did want to share a few things each week that I'm lusting after—it'll be interesting to see if I'm still wishing I had these items once the ban is lifted. Here are my picks for week one.

1. Printed Skirts.
I've been seeing some wonderful printed skirts out there lately, and when it comes to pattern mixing, a patterned bottom is a huge challenge that I'd love to try. Here are some of my favorites:
Ikat Pencil Skirt, Forever21, $17.80, seen here

Lily White Banded Skirt, Nordstrom, $22

2. Sunnies.
I have a couple pair of nice sunglasses, but I'm in desperate need of a pair I can throw around a bit more and not worry about. I'm loving these from BP at Nordstrom:
Icon Eyewear 'Gloria', Nordstrom, $12

3. Loafers.
Since I try to wear flats to the office most days, I'm really wishing I could invest in a pair of loafers to extend my non-heeled shoe collection:
Sam Edelman 'Jones' Flat, Nordstrom, $89.95

Merona Mali Flat, Target, $19.99

That's all I'm really craving right now, so we'll see if these desires stick around all month. Going shopping in my own closet has definitely been helping though—it is so much fun to find a piece I haven't worn in a long time and figure out how to make it work in my current style!

What are your tricks to avoid shopping??

Posted on August 8, 2012 .