It's a Mani Monday Kind of Day

Hey everyone! I'm typically a pretty simple nail person but since I did something fun this time I thought I'd share it with you!

The picture quality isn't great—taking pictures of nail polish where you get the right color tones is tough with an iPhone! But I promise to try and work on my skills! Any tips out there??

Anyway, here goes it:

I started with one coat of Color Me in Petals by Sephora by OPI. 
And quickly followed it up with a second coat of the same color. 
Once the base was dry, I put pieces of tape at different angles and painted Already Famous by Sephora by OPI on the uncovered areas. 
Before the gold dried, I removed the tape (carefully so as not to chip either color) and covered with a top coat. 
I think next time I do this I'll pick two colors versus a metallic and a color. The metallic looks a bit like it is chipped when you glance quickly — I think a hot pink or bright mint color would be a great match for this bright orange.

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Posted on August 20, 2012 .