It's a Lunch at the Market Kind of Day

This is what I look like on lunch. At Pike Place Market. With a gyro and a diet pepsi. 

On beautiful days, it is one of my favorite things to walk down to the market and get a gyro, sandwich, or something else easy to eat while walking, and just enjoy the chaos of the market. I love watching the tourists, the street performers, the business lunchers like me. People-watching is seriously one of my favorite activities. 

Gyro in hand, mini-table for DP, trash cans in background. Classy shot, eh? 
All done and time to head up the hill. 
Skirt: LOFT outlet (old, similar), Tank: Urban Outfitters (old, similar),
Sandals: Target (old, similar), Cardigan: BP 

Check out how I wore this skirt last timedo you like it better with a solid or contrasting pattern?

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Posted on August 21, 2012 .