It's a Keep it Simple, Stupid Kind of Day

I tried on so many accessories today, I almost missed my bus.

I've been working so hard on accessorizing, and I really tried to put a lot into it today. But everything, and I mean everything, looked like I was trying too hard. And while I don't talk about my theories about how I dress often, I will tell you that I will never wear an outfit that makes me feel uncomfortable. And trying too hard = uncomfortable. 

So as I stood in front of the mirror, begging my creative juices to start flowing, I remembered something I read from Kendi this week, and decided to just go with this outfit as it was, sealed with a KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid).
This outfit is sealed with a KISS.
Dress: Not Sure, Cardigan: J. Crew Factory (similar),
Flats: Banana Republic (similar), Belt: came with a really old dress from who knows where

What do you guys think? Did this outfit need some more accessorizing?!

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Posted on August 22, 2012 .