It's a Closet Cleanup Where I Found An Old Shirt Kind of Day

I've said this before, but I really need to clean up my closet more often. I find stuff in there, you guys, that I completely forgot about!

This shirt is a great example—I'm not sure when I last wore it! But I will tell you that I love the little details: the satin pocket, the mesh-wrapped chains around the neckline and top of pocket, the vertical seam up the back, and the scooped hemline. LOFT is great at taking a basic tee and pulling together some really outstanding details—highly recommend taking a look periodically if you don't already!

Also, these shoes have never made a blog appearance. At least, not that I remember. I have them in this color (cognac?) as well as black, and I really need to start pulling them out more! I bought them in college (at the Nordstrom in San Francisco...odd how I remember random things like that) and they are still in great shape, despite lots of wearing while down in Cali!

Shirt: LOFT (similar), Pants: Banana Republic (similar),
Necklace: BP, Shoes: Seychelles (similar

See the pieces of chain shining through the mesh at the neckline and on the pocket?!

As always on Wednesday, I'm hanging out with some of the most fashionable ladies in blogland, here:

pleated poppy
Posted on August 8, 2012 .