It's a Procrastinator's Post About the Fourth of July Kind of Day

I haven't taken outfit pictures at all this week. Busy days with a new boss in the office and too much going on outside of work are partly to blame. More to blame is my procrastinating habits these past few days. 

So instead, I'll show you a few pictures from the fourth. I ended up wearing red, white, and blue, but only took pictures in my wet swim clothes with my obnoxious floral shades, so you won't even get a real glimpse of my patriotic outfit!

My friends live out in Gig Harbor right on the water and have a boat, jet ski, paddle board, kayak, huge lawn, and great party house and were nice enough to throw the most amazing fourth of July party I have ever been to. Even better? Seattle was nice enough to have weather in the 70s. And Puget Sound warmed up enough for us to do a bit of swimming. 

Overall...a really great day!

Love my friends so much!

Tide out, sun out, mountains in the distance. Not bad, right?

These girls are the best.

How adorable is K's patriotic dress?!

Kids love sparklers!

Boats packed up for the night, sun down, fireworks in the distance

And of course I didn't take a single picture of the fireworks. But I promise, they were gorgeous. 

How did you celebrate?
Posted on July 5, 2012 .