It's an Outfit Fit For a First Lady Kind of Day

I got so many comments from men on this outfit. I still haven't figured it out, but I think men only comment on outfits they don't understand. Here are some examples:

Yesterday when I was the only female in all of downtown Seattle in line to buy lunch (seriously, I couldn't find a woman anywhere around), a couple of businessmen decided I looked like I could be a First Lady. The comments went something like this:
Man 1: "Your dress looks very regal."
Man 2: "Or almost not regal, but just classic. Like a First Lady."
Man 1: "Yep, just like a First Lady. But with a weird necklace."
Man 2: "It isn't that weird. It looks like Lemon Drop candy."

Then I walked into our CEO's office to ask him about hotels for our tradeshow in Orlando.
Me: "Hey, J, was wanting to—"
J: "Weird necklace."
Me: "Thanks?"
J: "Well, actually, I think I like it. Yah, it's pretty cool."
Finally, as I was walking to the bus after work, I was approached by a homeless man.
Homeless man: "Miss, do you have any spare change for bus fare?"
Me: Eye contact+smile, shake my head no, keep walking. 
Homeless man: "Has anyone told you yet today how beautiful you look? It's like you are that Middleland lady!" 
(While hoping he was referring to Kate Middleton, I smiled to myself and kept walking.)

So what's the consensus among the female blog-reading community? Did I confuse all the poor men of Seattle with this outfit? For frame of reference, Seattle men typically look like this on weekends:

Here's the outfit: 
Dress: H&M (on sale now for $10 in-store); Necklace: Etsy;
Belt: Target (similar); Shoes: Michael Kors (similar)

Can't help but love exposed zippers!

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Posted on July 17, 2012 .