It's a Huge Official Challenge and I'm Terrified of Commitment Kind of Day

Oh. Kay.

I've been writing and deleting and pondering this all day. I think I'm ready to come out and say it. 

I'm not going to spend a single dollar on clothing in the month of August. And I'm extending this into accessories and shoes. 

I've never officially done this before, because I'm totally afraid I'll miss out on something wonderful. I've always given myself loopholes. Made excuses for why something doesn't count and therefore should definitely get purchased. 

But with the increase of daily blogs I read, and the Nordstrom sale, I've gone a little crazy lately. Or totally overboard, if we're being honest here. 

So I'm committing on this blog, right here right now, to not spend a single dollar in the month of August on anything clothing/accessories related. 

I have a handful of items that need returning and I'm going to take care of that tonight and tomorrow so that I can't even cheat on "it was an exchange, so the money was already spent." 

So here it goes! Wish me luck and I'll be updating you on my progress as we move through August!

(Back tomorrow with a real post. Sorry for the inconsistency the past few days!)
Posted on July 30, 2012 .