It's a Five Things I'm Loving Today Kind of Day

5 Things I'm Loving Today:

1. After one of the worst travel days in my career, I came home to a beautiful day and got to walk the lake and get fro-yo before the sun went down.
Greenlake really can't be beat.

2. I'm headed down to Portland after work for a double-date weekend with my sissy and the boys & some beer tasting at Oregon Brewfest.

The Beer-ometer for the weekend.

3. I finally found a dress to wear to my friend's wedding in a couple of weeks.
Vince Camuto, Nordstrom

4. Next weekend, I'm headed to the Gorge for a 3-day country music festival (Watershed) with some of my very best friends. Check out some of the headliners - looks like a great 3 days of country music!
Just a small sample of the weekend lineup!

5. Got from the kitten putting clean sheets on the bed last night. It is one of his favorite games and I just couldn't get enough of his playfulness after such a long travel day. I took a little video of it - sorry in advance for my awkward "trying to be quiet but can't stop laughing" audiotrack. 

That's it! Have a great weekend, friends! See you Monday :)

Posted on July 27, 2012 .