It's a One Last Time in Boots (I Hope) Kind of Day

Seattle, seriously?
I know it is just barely June, but can't you just finally decide to be consistently warm?
To be honest, I'm a little bit excited to get to wear my jeans and boots one more time, so I really shouldn't be complaining. 

The travel insanity of June has begun for work. I'm hoping that on the rare days that I'm home (mostly weekends) the sun will come out and let me wear summery clothes! June can be a bit unpredictable in Seattle, though. If you're thinking of visiting, I highly recommend late August or early September - you honestly cannot beat a beautiful sunny late summer day in Seattle!!

BP cardigan, LOFT jeans, Anne Klein boots, hand-me-down shirt from sissy
Check out the amazing shoulder bling on this tee!
Sad to cover it up, but I liked it under the cardigan too.
Dirty wavy hair always brings out all the different colors in my hair!
I'm really loving playing with different looks for my wrist!
These bracelets are from BP.

I'll do my best to keep posting while I'm in Orlando for work, but apologies in advance if I don't get a chance!! Good luck this week, everyone!

*extra-special good luck to a cute boy who starts a new job today*
Posted on June 4, 2012 .