It's an I've Always Wanted to Wear a Dress as a Shirt And I Finally Did it Kind of Day

It is Friday!! Happy Booze Day, Seattleites!!

Today is a big day in Seattle - today we can *finally* buy liquor in grocery stores instead of state-run liquor stores only. I went to college in California and buying giant bottles of vodka and tequila for cheap was something I got used to once I turned 21. Then I came home and had to go back to remembering to stop at the liquor store during their inconvenient operating hours.

But no more, friends. Anyone up for a Costco trip after work today to load up??

And yes, I realize this post makes me sound like a total booze hound - I promise you I'm not! But I believe in having a fully-stocked bar at all times for guests, spontaneous Manhattan cravings, and in order to whip up a quick sangria for book club!

Now, on to the outfit: This shirt is actually a dress (a short one best worn over leggings) that was a hand-me-down from my mama. The skirt you've seen before, most recently here, and also here. When I picked it up at H&M last winter I really didn't anticipate wearing it so much, but I'm absolutely in love. 

See, it really is a dress!
Still so in love with my Marc Jacobs watch :)
This pose just has to happen in this skirt!
I'm a fan of exposed zippers. Look carefully and you can see tattoo #5 peeking out. 
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I'm headed to Orlando on Monday for work so I'll be cleaning the house, doing laundry, packing, and getting all organized before my month of chaos begins!
Posted on June 1, 2012 .