It's a First Day of Summer And My Yard is Finally Sunny Kind of Day

So happy to see summer has officially arrived — both on the calendar and in Seattle!

I'm going to be a boring homeowner for a minute, but feel free to ignore this part: 
Yesterday I had one tree removed and 4 trees pruned BIG time in my yard and the difference it has made in terms of sunlight is tremendous. I don't have a good "before" picture, but let me just say that the deck pictured below had absolutely NO sunlight on it before the trees were cut back. I'm so excited to start having bbq's and sunny afternoons out back!
Now, here's the "after":
[none of the houses you can see are mine - my house is behind me in all the pictures]
Look at all that light! 

Now, on to the outfit. I was inspired by Liz at 26 and Counting to try a simple tee with some slacks and a scarf. And let me tell you - I love this look! It is completely comfortable, still professional, and perfect for a meeting-free day at the office. 

This LOFT shirt has been in my closet for quite some time now - I love the shade of green but find myself struggling to pair it. These grey-brown slacks are a perfect pair with it, though! 
Tee: LOFT, Slacks: LOFT (I think), Scarf: gift, Bracelet: gift, Pumps: Target
Still can't believe I live in a brick house. One of my childhood dreams realized :)
Ash always makes me laugh!
Relaxing in the sunshine, FINALLY!
Have you tried wearing a basic tee to work? How about a graphic tee? I think that might be my next goal!

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Posted on June 20, 2012 .