It's a Three Year Anniversary at Work Kind of Day

I cannot believe I have worked at the same company for three years. It is still so strange to think about the fact that I graduated college four years ago and have been doing this adult thing now for almost as long. 

To celebrate, I got goofy with Ash in the cozy room at the end of the hall. Yah, I know, we do it big around here. We're quite the party animals.

Speaking of animals, I love this sweater Kaje picked up for me at the J.Crew outlet. It's lightweight, soft, and the perfect addition to jeans on a spring day. 

J.Crew Outlet sweater, LOFT jeans, Marc Jacobs watch
Banana Republic flats I'm so in love with!
I really wasn't in the mood to take pictures, but somehow Ash convinced me to goof around and take pics anyway!

Now that we got the Friday celebrations out of the way, it's on to another week. Make it a good one! :)

Posted on May 21, 2012 .