It's a Second Sunny Warm Work Day in a Row Kind of Day

Hey guys :)

Holy cow I'm loving this weather. Sunshine and warmth at the same time?! Yes please!

I really wanted to wear sandals to work and kind of based my whole outfit around that. Tough to get away with sandals if they show too much, so I threw on my trusty black maxi skirt (I didn't realize how much I needed this item in my closet until I added is a MUST have!) and my new J.Crew outlet striped silk tee (which I realize you've seen 3 times in the last week...I can't help how much I love it!). Easy peasy, and perfect for the beautiful weather outside and air conditioned office inside!

Can't forget the jean jacket for those chilly mornings!
This necklace is probably one of my favorites, but it gets color on the shirts I wear it with.
The color washes out, but does anyone have any advice for how to stop the beads from
rubbing out on clothes?!
Sandals barely peeking out the bottom - perfect for work!
Tip: buy the jean jacket one size too small - in the summer you'll want the sleeves
rolled up anyway and the shorter, thinner silhouette will work better over
dresses and skirts.
Freckles popped out thanks to Mexico + Vegas, so I've gone au naturale
with my skin - some mascara, a bit of nude shadow, and chapstick is all I need in the summer!
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Posted on May 16, 2012 .