It's a Scary Experience Wednesday Night Leading to a Very Tired Bri on Thursday Kind of Day

So Wednesday night I came home from the boy's house and my front door was open.

Luckily my cat is an angel and he was sitting on the porch waiting for me and looking at me like I was the nicest owner for letting him hang outside for the night. He didn't run away or get hit by a car.

Luckily I live in a great neighborhood, and my computer bag was right inside the front door, my entire life was sitting there for anyone to take. Nothing was missing, nothing was stolen, nothing was broken.

Luckily my roomie promptly texted back saying she hadn't come home yet when I texted her to see if she was okay. She wasn't hurt or kidnapped (which, duh, crossed my mind because my imagination can really be insane).

Luckily I'm dating a great guy who came over right when I called him in hysterics and walked through the house with me to make sure there were no bad guys inside. The house was empty, just how I had left it.

So what happened??? I've been having some deadbolt problems, and I'm thinking I just didn't get the door latched shut on my way out. The house was open for around 3 hours, and nothing happened. I feel really grateful and also really motivated: locksmith has been called to come fix the deadbolt. 

Thursday outfit had to be comfortable (sensing a theme this week) and also had to keep me a bit warmer (it has cooled down from the mid-70s to the low-60s). The boy once told me he really liked this top so I was inclined to wear it as a thank you to him for being so amazing and rushing over the minute I called him. 

LOFT summer sweater, bp for Nordstrom tank, Ralph Lauren ankle slacks (dreaming of these in more colors).
Favorite Steve Madden leopard flats, Marc Jacobs watch, a couple pieces of arm candy (I'm learning!).
Hobo wallet (this thing goes with me everywhere. obsessed with the stitching detail).

And just to clarify, if you haven't caught on yet: this week I've been so on top of things I've been posting pics from the day before. Friday's post = Thursday's outfit. I hope to be better about this in the future and have a few stacked up for those days when I'm REALLY swamped!!