It's a Rainy Day (Dirty) Hair Kind of Day

I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week. I know it sounds gross, but just wait.
Having light hair, I've had the benefit of doing this long before dry shampoo came around, thanks to baby powder. 

Here's my typical week in hair-washing (note that this does not mean I don't shower on non-washing days. I just put my hair up in a messy bun and if a few pieces get wet, I let them dry and fix them):
Sunday night: wash hair, put in headband for curls Monday
Monday morning: fix any curls (typically 1-2 wraps around a curling iron), wear down and curly
Tuesday morning: hair is still pretty curly, so just use curling iron on top 5-6 pieces to even out any kinks from sleeping, pin front pieces back, rest is left down
Wednesday morning: Wash hair, blow dry, straighten underside kinks (I try not to straighten my hair the day I blow dry it, as I can typically dry it straight enough using my brush), wear down and straight
Thursday morning: Dust greasy areas with baby powder and put in a messy bun. Shower, and then use damp towel to rub baby powder into hair post-shower. Straighten any kinks, wear hair down
Friday morning: Hair is up today. Baby powder routine, followed by updo styling. Typically involves a braid in the front, a ponytail, or some serious volume with the sides pinned back.
Saturday morning: Same as Wednesday
Sunday morning: Same as Thursday

This obviously can be easily modified by showering at night and doing curly more than once, or by showering in the morning on Monday and starting the week off with straight hair, which I did this week. This week has been as follows:
Mon: wash in shower, blow dry, wear down
Tues: baby powder, straighten kinks, braid front pieces
Wed: baby powder, headband, low pony
Thurs: no baby powder, ballerina bun
I'll definitely be washing my hair tonight for some Friday curls. 

And then I wrote a whole blog post with my hair schedule as though you care. Weird.

Anyway, here's day 4 sans washing. It was rainy outside and I didn't want to waste a freshly-washed hair day, so I threw it up in a big bun. I have a lot of hair, so I don't use a sock, but I'm a huge fan of the look for those that have thinner hair!

Learning how to pose with an umbrella was harder than Ash & I thought it would be!
Pink and gray is one of my absolute favorite color combinations!
{LOFT tee, Nordstrom cardigan, Ralph Lauren tapered slacks, Michael Kors flats}
I typically like my bun larger in the back so that
it doesn't stand up 3 inches higher than my face when looking straight at me. 
May weather in Seattle. Ick.
A bit odd, but I kinda liked this picture.
Thanks for standing in the rain to take my pics today, Ash!
Posted on May 3, 2012 .