It's a Planning My Week Because I'm Already Stressed and Looking Forward to Next Weekend Kind of Day

First of all, I hope you've all taken some time this weekend to pause and be thankful for all of the brave men and women who have lost their lives protecting our freedom. My cousin Jamie went to visit my Uncle Neil's grave today at the Washington State Veteran's Cemetery wearing his dad's ring. He sent me this picture, which I absolutely love.

Now, on to the main point of this post: in case you haven't caught on yet, I've been uber-stressed the past few weeks. I feel like everything at work is crashing down on me and I'm struggling to create the work-life balance I'm usually so proud of maintaining. I find myself bailing on plans I make with friends, trying to go to bed early but instead laying in bed stressing for hours, and feeling constantly rushed and flustered. 

Friends, this is not me!

And it is time to do something about it. So this week, I'm planning with intention (to clarify, I'm quite a planner anyway, but certain aspects of my life I prefer to live spontaneously - that changes this week in a couple key areas). I figured I'd start with an easy 4-day week to prove to myself that it works, and it helps, and I can manage it. 

Item #1: Bring lunch every day. Preparation for this is underway. Today I went grocery shopping, came home and roasted a bunch of veggies, and made enough salmon for 3 meals. I've eaten one portion for dinner tonight, and I've packed the other 2 portions up in tupperware to accompany me to work this week. I also bought a couple other meal favorites that make great leftovers so I can make extra dinner portions on another weeknight. I have lunch plans with my mom tomorrow, but W, Th, & F will be brought from home.

Item #2: Plan outfits including accessories. This seems less important, but it really does make my mornings easier. I can wake up, know what I'm going to wear, and go on with my day. Tonight I will try on 5 outfits (one extra, because weather here is unpredictable as ever this time of year), and package them up on hangers for the week. I'm drawing inspiration from this Shopbop workwear edition outfit planner but adding a lot more color! My goal is to avoid jeans until Friday.
Shopbop Ultimate Workwear Closet
Item #3: Evening activities. I tend to overbook myself on weeknights and end up stressed because I didn't get any time to go to yoga. This week, I'm planning my weeknight activities around my yoga class times, so that they are a priority. All this extra work stress makes this girl need a bit more zen than usual. If it's nice out, I'll skip yoga to spend some time at Greenlake instead.

So tell me: what are your good habits for extra-stressful times in your life? Any tips for me? 

Posted on May 28, 2012 .