It's an Inspiration Photo Leads to Colors for Confidence Kind of Day

I woke up sure I wanted to wear green jeans. And as I planned my outfit in my head while showering, I came up completely blank on top. Nothing felt right. As I hopped outta the shower, I quickly google imaged "green jeans" on my phone and skimmed through the photos, praying for some inspiration. Luckily, this photo popped up and I had three potential outfits:
As I put on my makeup and did my hair, I thought about my closet and the pieces I had that could make one of these work. Luckily, the inspiration helped and I ended up in an outfit I was really happy with and comfortable in. I don't often look to the internet so spontaneously for inspiration, but I love when I find something that is just enough to help me formulate the rest of the outfit in my mind. 

More importantly, I had a big day at work that I was pretty nervous about. I'm in marketing and one of my jobs is to host webinars where our customers and partners listen in and watch a presentation over the internet (think web+seminar=webinar). These are done live, and recorded for later use on our website, so it is important that they go flawlessly. Since I plan, organize, and host them, a lot of that pressure is on me. Without even realizing it, I dressed in something extremely comfortable, business casual, and full of bright colors which can't help but lift my stress and bring a good mood. 

Blue Essence green jeans from Nordstrom, Michael Kors flats, gifted pink scarf, Marc Jacobs watch, BP blazer 

And it worked! The webinar went off without any issues, and the recordings are website quality. 
Such a relief! 
After the insane week I had last week, it was really nice to have a day of work go really well. 

Still really looking forward to the long weekend!

Posted on May 24, 2012 .