It's an I'm Wearing Boring Clothes So I'll Highlight My Awesome Bag Kind of Day

Happy Friday!!!!

I think (I hope) this outfit looked way better in person. These pants grew. Or I shrunk. Either way, they are now temporarily retired after seeing these pictures and having to hike them up all day long. 

Time to go shopping, I guess. New grey slacks please!

So because it was a boring outfit in too big pants, I figured I'd show you guys my absolute favorite work accessory: my enormous Theresa Kathryn laptop bag. 

This thing is incredible. A bit pricey (I bought it for $500, but she is no longer producing them so you can now get it for $275 here), but it has been with me for two years and it still looks completely flawless. This bag gets more love from strangers - men and women both - than any other item I own. It is a great bag for all of my work travel, too, as it slips over the handle of a rolling suitcase with a special hidden zippered pocket.

So take a look - and pick one up for yourself if you are in need of an amazing career bag.
As a side: I learned about them from my cousin, and she has a couple of the other bags in the TK line - we recommend them all!

Anyway, just thought I'd try to distract you from my outfit for the day. Did it work??

Posted on May 25, 2012 .