It's an I Finally Have a Few Free Minutes to Write a Real Blog Post Kind of Day

Free time, yes, but more importantly, Ash is back from Mexico! 
So I can have freezing cold pictures on the roof again.
Or something. :)

Anyway, I wore a boring jeans outfit yesterday and woke up this morning wanting to look cuter. So I put a wee bit more effort in than usual and then put my hair up like I am in 4th grade. 

So, that's that. A bit of a different look for me. Let me know what you think!

LOFT blouse I got on sale ages ago, H&M skirt, Target heels
It is really freezing in Seattle today. Big shock after Mexico!!

Busy week ahead of me, and I'm so glad to already have 2 guest posters lined up for next week when I'm in Vegas. Speak up if you want to join them!!

And, since this is Wednesday, I'll be linking up around the blogsphere. Check me out!
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Posted on May 2, 2012 .