It's A Full of Words Weekend Wrap-Up Kind of Day

I slacked big-time this week on the blog posts. So sorry, friends. Hope you all enjoyed Laura's guest post on Wednesday - be sure to stop by her blog and check out all the great outfits she is putting together - I'm so envious of her great accessories and am making it a serious goal for the next month of purchases. 

I have a couple of exciting things coming in the rest of this month...or at least I think they are exciting...and I can't wait to share them with you!

For now, a quick wrap-up of my week (complete with horrible self-taken pictures):

1. Arrive in Vegas after flying first class (gotta love free upgrades on Alaska Airlines).
2. Check out the booth, fold hundreds of t-shirts for our giveaways.
3. Head to pool for an afternoon nap while the team hangs our enormous sign.
4. Have amazing dinner with our SVP of Sales the night before everyone arrives.
5. Tuesday morning: Show floor opens, work really hard all day long.
6. Repeat #5 on Wednesday, then wear same shirt as Monday to go out dancing all night with the team.
7. More show on Thursday; enormous crowd gathers for our yoyo show (yoyo Joe mid-jump).
8. Lounge by pool with friends for final few hours in Vegas.
9. Come home, spend time with amazing adorable boy who never lets me take his picture, enjoy sunshine, 75 degree weather, and a yard in bloom. 

Feeling rested and ready for a sunshiny week of work in Seattle. 
Hope you're all enjoying this fabulous Mother's Day!

Posted on May 13, 2012 .