It's a Bracelet from Barcelona Kind of Day

My parents just got back from a 3+ week trip through Europe. They flew to Barcelona, went on a cruise through Spain, France, and Italy, and then spent some time in Montepulciano and a couple of other Italian towns before flying home. To say I'm jealous of their travels would be a huge understatement. 

But thanks to their trip, I'm the lucky new owner of this bracelet from Barcelona:

Here's the best part: I already had this outfit planned, and then I saw my mom for lunch and she brought me the bracelet and I realized it was going to work perfectly with the outfit. 

I also went to Target to buy lightbulbs and came out with the floral scarf, but that's a whole different story :)

Target scarf, Banana Republic layered tank, Target cardigan from a million years ago
Banana Republic khaki capris, Steve Madden flats
(an entire outfit without a single LOFT item - this might be a first!)

Planning this week is going really well so far. Getting dressed is now so easy I've been getting to work 30 minutes earlier every day, which means I am way less stressed at the end of each work day. 

Hope everyone is having a great (short!) week so far!

Also, just fell in love with Marionberry Style's Trend Challenge: YELLOW! I noticed I wear a TON of yellow, especially in summer months. Great, great color and I'm excited to participate more in the future ;) 

Posted on May 31, 2012 .