It's a Big Southern Hair Tutorial by Cass Kind of Day

As promised (but a bit late, sorry) here is an amazing tutorial by Cass on how to use hot rollers to get fabulous hair with lots of volume! If you forget what it looks like finished, check out Cass's original guest post here.


Start with wet hair and add a holding product. I use Bumble & Bumble Styling Cream (it has lasted since I got a discount at the salon I worked for in college…but I’m sure there are cheaper options). Blow dry hair upside down and heat your hot rollers. My rollers have 4 large rollers and 8 regular. I suggest bigger rollers for volume. Small rollers give you tighter, Shirley Temple curls.

Section the top portion of your hair (I take a rectangle section straight back) away from the bottom and tie the bottom in a hair band. Curl the front two rollers toward your face and the back two rollers away from your face. 

Then make two rows of rollers under that, rolled under. I leave the rollers in 5-7 minutes.

One issue I run into is the kinks these clips leave :(  There are rollers that come with giant bobby pin looking clips, which I would guess don’t do this. My solution is to flat iron out the kinks. I make sure to flat iron as little as possible so I don’t take away the volume.

Once the kinks are out use hair spray….and ta-da!

Posted on May 1, 2012 .